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Fall Pumpkins UV DTF WRAP

Fall Pumpkins UV DTF WRAP

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Halloween collection will ship in the middle of July. 




9.6" x 4.1"

What is UV DTF

UV DTF cup wraps are permanent stickers printed on transparent film. They come pre-sized for 16oz Libbey can glass cups. They can be easily applied without the need for any additional equipment such as Cricut or transfer tape.

It's important to keep in mind that UV DTF stickers are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. Therefore, any items made with these stickers should be treated with care and washed by hand.


We just want to give you a heads up that we won't be able to take responsibility for stickers that are not applied correctly. We suggest that you take some time to practice and get the hang of the application process. We understand that UV DTF stickers may be a bit trickier than vinyl, but with a little patience and precision, you'll be able to achieve the results you're aiming for.

It's important to keep in mind that different brands of 16oz can glass cups may have varying measurements. Our stickers are designed specifically for Libbey can glass cups, which are manufactured in the United States. If you're using cups from a different brand, please be aware that there may be slight differences in size and you may need to make adjustments accordingly.

How to apply

If you are new to using UV DTF stickers, it is important to approach the application process with caution as it can be a bit tricky. Once the sticker is applied to the surface, it cannot be moved. It is crucial to ensure that the sticker is applied straight onto your cup as you only have one chance to do so.

  • Step 1: Squeegee the front and back of the sticker before use.
  • Step 2: Trim the wrap to eliminate any unnecessary empty space.
  • Before using the cup, ensure that it is free from any hand oils by cleaning it thoroughly. DO NOT use alcohol while cleaning the glass.
  • To attach the sticker to the cup, ensure it is positioned properly and secured tightly. Then, peel off one end of the sticker and cut a small piece of the backing paper.
  • Stick that end of the sticker to the cup and gradually peel off the remaining backing paper while simultaneously applying pressure to the sticker. Be very careful and move slowly. Once the sticker touches the surface, it's impossible to take off!
  • Squeegee the sticker all around the cup.
  • Carefully and slowly peel off the clear film and you're done!


To ensure that the sticker is properly adhered, kindly refrain from washing the cup for 24-48 hours after application.

It's important to keep in mind that these stickers aren't suitable for dishwashers. If the cup is placed in the dishwasher, the stickers will peel off. It's best to hand wash the cup with care to ensure the cup serves you for a long time.


Your order will be shipped within 1-3 business days via USPS first-class mail if the items are ready to be shipped.

Please note that if your items are on pre-order, it may take approximately 14 business days for your order to be dispatched.

All orders are sent out using USPS first-class mail as the default option. However, for larger orders, USPS Priority Mail may be used instead. If you wish to expedite your delivery, you can choose to upgrade your shipping at the checkout.

Returns & Refunds

Contact us within 14 days if you receive a damaged or incorrect item. We'll need evidence like pictures or videos to process a return or refund. We don't accept returns or refunds for any other reason. Please refer to our FAQ page for detailed information on returns and refunds.

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