What settings to use?

TechWrap Craft vinyl can be a little tricky to work with in the beginning. To make your crafting life a bit easier I've put up a list of recommendations here:

• Don't forget to PEEL OFF the protective film before cutting.

ALWAYS make a test cut before you start working on a project.

• For GLITTER, TEXTURED METALLIC & other very THICK VINYL - use "Light cardstock with less pressure" settings.

• For GLOSS, MATTE, OPAL, HOLOGRAPHIC and other similar vinyl - use "Premium holographic vinyl" settings.

• Don't use or wash the cup for 48 HOURS after application. Let the vinyl stick to the surface! It does take a little bit of time, but this step ensures that your vinyl won't peel off. There is no need to seal the cup, if you handle it with care. Do not soak the cup in water and only hand wash it. NO DISHWASHER!

Cutting setting is everything! Once you find the correct pressure, TechWrap Craft vinyl cuts like butter!